Dine-and-Dashers Abduct, Assault Waitress Who Tried to Stop Them, NJ Police Say


I was just reading about something that happened in turnerville, New Jersey, Washington township. And this is going to get me in trouble for saying this. Because we need to have a serious conversation about race in America. When Joe Biden talks about the thugs at the at the capitol on January 6th, what about all the violence we're seeing in the streets of America today? Chicago. How about Saturday at the nifty 50s, in turnerville, New Jersey? Police are searching for the suspects caught on surveillance video who are believed to be involved in the attack. Now, there's no mention of the suspect's race. No mention of the waitress is race. Here's what happened. There was a table of 5 customers who were attempting to skip out on their $70 bill at this diner. And the waitress sees it. And she goes out into the parking lot to try to confront the 5 suspects. They abducted the 20 year old, they dragged her into the car and they beat her. Mercilessly. The vehicle headed north on route 42, made a U turn was headed north south toward Monroe township, and then they pushed her out of the vehicle. Somehow she was in killed. She was beaten badly. Because she's a hardworking young woman trying to make a living waiting tables. Now, I'm reading this article, and I'm wondering, why is there no descriptive descriptor of the suspects? Well, we know the answer to that. The media never identifies black suspects anymore as being black suspects. And yeah, these suspects are black. And she's white. Now, I don't know that bad people are bad people. Criminals are criminals. But we do see a dish proportionate percentage of crime being committed in the streets of America by black Americans.

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