A highlight from Semi-finals set in Guadalajara; Turin feels a lot like London

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If you would like to be introducing a show in 2022, you can do so when we launch our next round of crowd funding, a so crowdfunding, it's all going to be a bit different this next time. We'll tell you about that next week. David. 30 seconds into the pod. Yeah. However, rest assured, we will still be doing shout outs. We'll still be doing intros. We'll still be doing pet mascots all the rest of it. And yeah, if you want to have a reminder when we launch all of that in early December, go to our show notes and you can have a link there and we'll send you a reminder if you stick your email address in. But anyway, thank you to Andy because it is at the stage where the WTA finals semifinals are complete. And that's why we're back there because we've had a few days. I have to say, I don't know about you. I'm slightly struggling to keep across when we're supposed to do podcasts at the moment because we wake up to two matches having played at the WTA finals and then two hours later after we've recorded the podcast the ATP final starts in Turin. Oh, dear, dear. We've, you know, we've spent about half an hour this morning. Just trying to work out when we should record podcasts. So every other day is more or less the plan. But it's messing with my mind. Thank goodness we got yours, let's back up. Yeah, there are very few windows in the day to actually record a podcast when there's not tennis happening because of the two times ends. But yes, every other day we will be here for the rest of this week covering both events. Okay. Well, right. Well, we'll start with the WTA finals and let you know what the semifinals line up is. And it is going to be gardeny muguruza against Paola badosa. And it is going to be Maria Zachary against Annette. We will tell you about everything that went on over overnight and on the night before in those matches. In just a minute. But before that, I've just got to draw your attention to some sorcery from that Roberts in our newsletter. We do like to blow our own trumpeter on so it's broadcast when we get something right. Sometimes you have to. Sometimes you have to, and it's such a rare occurrence in my case that I take every advantage when I can. But this from Matt is quite extraordinary. In the last newsletter, from a few days ago, just before the WCA finals took place, started up. Matt wrote a WTA finals preview in the newsletter and he wrote the following. The four players I think will reach the semifinals a pile of dosa Maria Zachary and at conservators and gardenia. I mean, what? Frankly, it all feels like guesswork until we see how they adapt to the conditions. Well, not guesswork for you. But I've gone with players who I think can battle through hardship. I'm also hoping that badass and in particular muguruza with her Latin American roots, not South American David. Feed off the crowd support and energy. I mean, nailed it. That's as though you've cheated or something. So you've come back from the future. And just sort of done the newsletter with not with complete hindsight. I mean, newsletter readers will know that I am last in our predictions composition for the year. I've had a shocker. I mean, I've not got one right for months. And I've and the irony is I've made four predictions here. I've got them all right. Don't get any points for them whatsoever. But do you know often I look at a WTA draw and I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. I mean, it's easy to say in hindsight, I actually felt fairly confident about those predictions. Just given where quite cheek if I was, given how where sapal lenka was I didn't think would really relish these conditions and Schwann tech was a real unknown. I almost put you on ticket, I suppose. But yeah, I think we've had some good matches. We've had some exciting matches, but it has panned out. I thought it would. Amazing. Amazing. We've reached that stage with it being the final group stage of the WTA finals where you get that kind of all or nothing feel to the matches. When it was Zachary against samba Lanka last night, and it was winner take all the winner goes into the semis, the loser goes home. You can not avoid that match. You can not, you need to rearrange your life in order to see that match. Whereas the other one, but user against Schwann tech with everybody known that boss was already qualified and couldn't shrink couldn't qualify. I didn't even bother watching that. I don't know what happened. I mean, I noticed 7 5 6 four. I didn't watch it. It was irrelevant, really, in terms of what goes on. Is that how you feel? Or do you just watch them all anyway if you can? I would have watched it if there was nothing else on, but of course, with the ATP finals happening at the same time, I ended up watching sits and pass Rublev, which was on it exactly the same time last night. That's infuriating. I mean, both of them starting at 8 o'clock UK time. Yeah. I know. It just sort it out. But yes, I know I didn't watch so should be on tech. Either I know it was I think it was badass birthday, wasn't it? And she was in this awkward position of knowing she was through and knowing that her match was the next day her semifinal. No, no day off. So I think from the sound of things, it was quite a physical match, you know, second set in particular was there was some grueling games in it. But I think, you know, not the worst thing in the world, but also that it didn't get stretched to three sets. Physically, yes, but I always think this is a really tough position for the player who's one two and is through already. We've seen it so many times in London at the ATP finals. Where, and you've got this player is coming out and I'm in a towel once being in this position. And it's no chance he's going to be able to kind of give a sort of 75% effort. I mean, do you remember that one where I think Andy Murray played a couple of times in the third rubber having already qualified? And then just the competitive juices kicking in and him just absolutely destroying himself ahead of the semifinals that he'd already qualified for. Yeah, it's not an ideal situation. Is it? And actually, we had a little bit of it in muguruza cultivate. It was already through the interesting thing there was muguruza had to win that match to get through to the semifinals.

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