Mike Lindell on Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election


Okay, folks we're back with Mike lindell. So Mike, you mentioned Maricopa County. In other words, you say that without a doubt, the legislature of Arizona could pull down the electors, but there's one Republican who refuses to budge. Can you give his name is there a reason not to give his name? No, I could give his name, but I don't know it. Everybody in this guy has been an obstructionist said he's been the one that has slowed down all the artists that took 8 months or whatever in Arizona. You guys, this guy, and I say, when you have something like that, either the guy is compromised or he's because he's there's no logical reason compromise blackmail or threatened. That's what I say. It can only be three. Okay. So my advice is, my advice is for the people of Arizona. Maybe go to him plead with them to save our country, but these other ones go to your Democrats. They're all people Eric. This is a people thing. This isn't A-okay. So you got Arizona. That's number one. You just mentioned Wisconsin. It sounds like Wisconsin is in a good place. Something is happening there. There has to be a third state, no? There he is. This is beautiful, everybody, and it's right here in the Supreme Court case too. The things we're talking about right now are in this case complaint you can read prank speech dot com. Here's the here's the beauty of Pennsylvania. Are you ready for this? Yeah. In Pennsylvania, it's a law. You can't have more votes than you have voters. What? You gotta be kidding me. Somebody made a law. You can't have more votes than voters or if you do Eric under whisk under Pennsylvania law. You can't turn in your electors and say they're good until it gets investigated. What a concept, huh? But this can be going on for a year now. Where has this been a Pennsylvania turned in their electors anyway? It's your legal.

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