If You're a Democrat, Take a Real Sober Look at Your Country


If you're a Democrat and by this I don't mean an American Marxist I mean an old time Democrat whether you're young or old is beside the point You need to take a sober look at what's taking place in your country A sober look You know damn well what's going on here Is atrocious his diabolical Every single day that borders open the southern border It's shocking they're getting MS 13 members now People who are deported who would who had raped little girls their catching them again and again Is this what immigration is about ladies and gentlemen In the Democrat party wants to give blanket Amnesty as soon as possible The spending is appalling and what they want to do to this country Is unbelievable The bigger the central government gets the less your liberty exists It shrinks that's the truth And you can see what's happening with speech Whether it's big tech or big media and now school board meetings The school boardings intended to intimidate you Unbelievable to wake up to this every day But this is what we're facing

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