Ghost towns: Nursing home staffing falls amid pandemic


An Associated Press analysis find staffing levels are worse than ever in about one third of U. S. nursing homes even before the pandemic inadequate staffing was a problem for the nursing home industry in the US with too few nurses and aides caring for society's most vulnerable to make adult and sought first hand with her seventy four year old mother who moved to a nursing home in North Carolina and January twenty nineteen she would tell me I've been here for a number of hours as you try to get someone to either call bail and they will come here of labor statistics show that nursing home job to plunge by more than three hundred eighty thousand in the past year and a half thirty two percent of nursing homes reported staffing ratios in June that were lower than those in February of twenty twenty it translates to more bed sores let's help at mealtimes fewer showers and fewer people to respond to calls for help I'm Jennifer king

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