A highlight from 329. Is Social Selling Even Worth It for Advisors? With Carson Heady


Hello and welcome to another top advisor. Marketing podcast lincoln messages. Rarely work with me because usually people send me messages. They don't research me. They don't have any idea who i am. But somehow this genius that i have on the show today and it was i look back at. The message is a very simple message. Got my attention to the point where i immediately wanted him on the show. Now mind you. There's all the reasons for that. Because he's got eight books. Wait wait. How many books just for today books. I'm sorry entered writing. Well yeah. I'm gonna put some pressure on. You have form books right brother. But i'm sorry eight time. Ceo award winner number one social seller with microsoft. You've unbelievable sales career but we're going to talk today about social selling because carson is. We were just kind of warming up for the show. Our audience still isn't convinced dude. Why don't you start off by giving us a little bit of your background. And then i want to pick your brain your now man. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the opportunity to connect and of and following you for some time so the feeling is mutual as far as my background. I've been in sales leadership for the preponderance of my career started with. At and t. Or for some small firms in the interim between bear and now microsoft were have been for seven and a half years as recently promoted to sales director within the past six months. I lead a team that works on our health and life sciences business. And i think one of the things that i really want to focus on today matt is on paper. I have really very limited. It solution selling background. No healthcare background the being able to transcend industries and being able to apply some of these principles that have helped me be successful. All right brother. You open the door. Tell us the principles. There's you've got control the controllables no matter what your end. I've worked for very small firms. I know it's really easy for people to say away from microsoft. That's gonna open any door once right. Well you'd be surprised. It doesn't always not. Everybody wants to talk to microsoft or at and t. or some of these larger organizations on the flip side when you work for a small consulting firm. Which is where. I cut my teeth on the social selling aspect. You don't have that logo to walk in with so you very much have to get in by your own merits by your own experiences. Why should they talk to you. What's the story that you can present to them. That's going to be compelling unique and make yourself stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands of others that are trying to do exactly what you're trying to do so you can control a few things. One of them is the quality the quality of your messaging try to come at it from the pretense of what's going to matter most to them but and this is going to evolve over time nicer to doing social when it was an anomaly. Probably a decade ago. I started doing some element of social selling. My processes evolved a lot over the years and my fundamentals and my have as well. We'll be getting to the point. Now get about forty to forty five percent acceptance rate of reaching out to a new connection. Because i make it about them second. You can control the quantity. You can control the quantity of the outreach that you do. I think one of the differences that i do amongst others a lot of people understand the value or get the value of social selling. They may reach out to three five ten contacts and call it a day. i'll reach out to hundreds. In fact one of the most prominent deals that i was able to create in my career. I reached out to over five hundred people in an organization in order to develop relationships with influencers and also the influencers of those influencers and it took about a year and a half that we were able to very sizable deal between the two organizations whereas there was really no business between us prior and then lastly it's consistency you don't go out and you water your garden once and then anticipate that it's going to sprout and bear fruit. You've got a water over time you've got continued to apply the process and the fundamentals In order to be successful. So i've applied these three things in my process my accurate over time. The last thing i would say is that it has also transformed my personal brand really being able to. I'm just a small town kid from the midwest united states. there's really no reason on earth way. I should be known as the number one social seller in all of microsoft global company of one hundred sixty thousand people but the only reason that beds transpired is some serendipitous things that have happened along the way i had written a book about a decade ago. And while i haven't sold enough to retire it got me noticed for certain things. I had a large social following. So when i started promoting some of these things within microsoft they took off and i started becoming noticed that a trained others on how to optimize your social selling practice. So it's been a the gift that has kept giving me. I'm a big believer in social. In fact i think social selling is just selling. It's using all the tools at your disposal to create relationships and nurture them overtime now. Quality quantity consistency right. We talk a lot about that. Because there's something called pod fade in our world where people will start and then they stop and they're like well that didn't work because they didn't really play the long game. You're talking about playing a massive long game here. But i wanna talk about quantity and then i'm going to enter entertain here.

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