A highlight from Neutrals for Real Salt Lake! Plus, Union PK triumph & Revs-NYCFC preview



Thank you to real Salt Lake. Wow. Wow. Wow. Sunday, incredible. Where am I sporting KC Jersey to say adios? To the team that I don't know just doesn't work out for them in the playoffs. The miracle continues. The fairytale continues. How you guys feeling today? Like, if you're not high on ourselves, what do you high on? That's why I gotta say. Well, I actually accidentally but we finished this show last night with goss literally singing the RSL believe song. I should have started that way, right? I'm surprised, we didn't open with. I got to tell you for someone who wants musical theater. As much as David, you would think he would have a better voice. But that's just miserable, man. No, I'm terrible at sing. I think it's like a man of the people voice. It's the sort of thing you hear in the supportive section, man. Ever just belting it out. Nobody cares how they sound individually. It's about the collective. All right? The team is the star would tell you that. Pablo would tell you that, okay? If you're looking for outside affirmation, Dave, you're a lost soul. So don't look to Doyle for, you know, kind words about your singing voice. I will stop when they look. RIP. To a legend. I will stop singing when they cut out my vocal cords. When they cut out my heart when they rip off my fingers. That's what I'll stop. I got you. Your fingers have nothing to do with your ability. He keeps the beat, you know? Gotcha. I think we could just I think we could just meet you. Oh man. Big show here on this Monday. Of course we're talking real Salt Lake. We're going to talk to Michael revolution in YC. That is the next game on the docket Tuesday 7 30 p.m. eastern FS1 and Fox deportes for that. But by the way, the revs, 9 of the 14 teams in the playoffs are gone, there's only three left alive and here the revs are after three weeks finally playing a game. We'll see if that matters to them. But look, the opening bit here has to again be RSL. I mean, we had MS for RSL with CCL. It's sort of feels like neutrals for RSL is the way things are going and also Seattle sounders fans now. They're coming out of the woodwork. It helps when you be supporting kids a city, but fans were cheering for them yesterday so they could host the home game. Literally everyone in MLS outside of Casey and maybe rapids fans were rooting for RSL in that game. Is this the best underdog story in MLS cup playoffs history or just MLS history overall? Like can you think of a better one? When you think of it, I was going through my memory banks here. Like, you have to actually go back to O 9 RSL. This RSL team actually had a 500 record. That RSL team had a losing record and went to win MLS cup, took it a step further. Both teams on the desert diamond Tucson cup. Desert diamond cup. That's a very important start to your life as an underdog. I mean, yeah well, you have D.C. in 2004. I had less points. I think one is Red Bull in O 8 going to MLS cup out of the Western Conference as the final C just 'cause it's comedic that the New York Red Bulls were the Western Conference champions that year. And they were the lowest seed, they beat the MLS cup holders at the time in the Houston dynamo, and then they went on to cut. But they didn't win. So I don't know. Maybe RSL wins this. And then it would be all and I just want to say, for Sanders fans, I know why they feel a Kindred spirit here because I'm just gonna say in 2016, exact same regular season record, exact same conference finish. That sounders team, same performance in MLS cup when it comes to shots on goal, got the job done. So you see why there's sort of an emotional connection. I think the emotional connection has more to do with RSL playing Portland next. I would wager that most of Seattle's support for RSL at this point comes because of the team that will be on the other bench. They might drive down to that, right? Get in there. Put on some claret. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I think partly also you have to think about just the off the field things that have been around this time. And that's got to play into the narrative too of like, you know, not having an owner, having your manager leave midseason. Like we've seen people leave teams or get transferred out of the league. By the way, but not like the 2016 siggy was let go and Brian schmitzer, the assistant rose to lead that Sanders. Yeah. So again, parallel. But with the circumstances around this, definitely have to. Everybody also brought in Nikola Darrow in the middle of that season. Yeah, that's true. And our self brought in Jonathan Menendez. I think those are different skills of something. Yeah, look it is no owner. It's a head coach that leaves to go to essentially a conference rival. It's literally nobody believed in him. None of us believed in him. I'm not sure their own fans did at the start of the season. And while Pablo had to say after this one is like, hey, you tell a bunch of professional athletes that they don't have it. And they're gonna try to prove you wrong. Now, the fact of the matter is most of the time seems like that don't make the postseason. Not because of the not because of the critics or the pundits or whatever it is because of the talent deficit.

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