Too Many Screens (MM #3893)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason, I realized that sometimes I live in kind of a parallel universe to most people, because I'm on multiple screens almost all the time. In front of me right now, in my main computer set up two monitors, I've got my iPad and my iPhone and we'll always have a spare computer on the side just in case I need to pop it up and do something else with it. But every now and again, you run into having too many screens in front of you. Last night for me an example we were watching the ball state football game on the big screen. Plus, I had a Google chat going on on one computer. I was referencing some music files on another computer and of course my phone going off having to do some text messages there. And well, I think I actually left the iPad upstairs for a change. If I had a way to be able to have kind of like a circular monitor system, where I could always be surrounded by monitors, and that way I just go for monitored monitor. I could do multiple things on one computer, and besides, can one computer handle all that I needed to do? The answer is really no, because sometimes you can't do everything all at once, even though I try. First world problems I know, but I'll tell you what, every now and again, too many screens. And I've got friends who say, two screens is one too many.

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