Who Will Cross-Examine the FBI For Targeting Project Veritas?


What's happening with project veritas and James O'Keefe is an unprecedented story happening in real time. There's a lot of details to this story. But first, let's introduce the actors, of course, James O'Keefe, and project veritas, both of which have been regular guests on the show. James O'Keeffe is a journalist and has had numerous stories throughout the years of whether it be unveiling voter fraud, whether it be going after the pharmaceutical companies, which I think is really what irritated them lately. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, whether it be going after the voter fraud apparatus, all these sorts of things, James O'Keeffe is an undercover journalist at project veritas. And last week, project veritas journalist got a knock on the door. And on the other side were FBI agents with battering rams, like the SS that stormed into project veritas journalist homes, but it did not stop there. The next morning, on Saturday morning, again, early at James O'Keeffe's home, they raided James so keeps home all in search of a diary. That would at most constitute petty theft. So why is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, knocking down doors and putting people in handcuffs and confiscating devices all for a diary that was questionable of its efficacy in the first place that James O'Keeffe never actually even ran. He never ran the story, he could not verify its authenticity and therefore James O'Keefe. Did not run with it in any way, shape or form. And so this begs a lot of different questions. And the first one that we need to kind of walk through is who's going to hold the FBI accountable when they start knocking down doors of journalists that they don't like? We have another question of Ryan here from Arizona, Charlie, who's going to cross examine the FBI. The answer is currently no one. And quite honestly it seems as if the Republicans in Congress are more interested in passing infrastructure packages than asking why Joe Biden's secret police are going after journalists they don't

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