Are the Rittenhouse Prosecutors Really Dumb or Really Bad?


Obviously we're all still waiting for a verdict in the rittenhouse case No no news I have nothing new to report We discussed in the beginning of the show and then in the second hour with a terrific guest the great Leo Terrell is a also a host on KABC one of our favorite radio stations one of our blowtorch stations out in Los Angeles We're always happy to be on there Leo's on there too But Leo came on We were talking about all the prosecutorial either miss feasts or malfeasance I don't know what it is The prosecutor and the written house cases he just really dumb or just really bad And the answer is I don't know Possibly a blend of both I mean between implying that the invocation of the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent is somehow an indication of guilt which is law school one O one orientation stuff It is not an indication of anything You have the right to remain silent A lot of people take advantage of it for all kinds of reasons because if you read your Miranda rights anything you say can and will be used against you So most people say well I'm not saying any of this mean they're guilty The prosecutor in the written House case apparently didn't know that Not measuring the barrel of the rifle yet charging him with a short barreled rifle possession charged despite not measuring that darn rifle is another one of those things that makes you shake your head And then yesterday sending over a video of substandard quality to the defense attorney while keeping a high resolution copy of the video for yourself and then blaming an air drop malfunction because the defense attorney had an Android rather than an iPhone is just I mean clown car stuff It's a case where the kid's life is at stake So we're gonna keep our eyes on that But again no new news to report

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