The Media Are the Most Powerful, Unaccountable Political Actors in U.S.


We're talking to Molly Hemingway a terrific writer also the author of one of the hottest books out there right now rigged How the media big tech and the Democrats seized our elections Molly you know listen there are two people out there who I think are the biggest narrative busters on the right So I'll throw Sean Davis in there too You and Tucker You go throw a hit with an S in front of a grenade and the tent and a heartbeat if you think you think something's up No matter the media penalty and you're frequently attacked for it like Tucker and Sean are as well But the weird thing is you usually turn out to be right I mean you would debunk the hoax Russia hoax immediately You had shown the spygate story to not be a hoax But doesn't it speak to the power of the media over our collective Borg like psyche in this country on the left right now that people like you me Sean Tucker Greg Jarrod John Solomon We're all considered by the mainstream code Misinformation specialists and yet we've been right about everything Like there's nothing in your book you don't pack up with footnotes The Zucker box thing happened the Russian thing was old It's like again this did not speak to the power of the media that we're considered the outsiders and yet we were actually factually correct the entire time Oh it's amazing But I also think that it's important that people celebrate the marginalizing of our corporate media They have so much power They set narratives They do horrible things with their power And they are in my view the most powerful unaccountable political actors in the country But on the other hand nobody is believing there BS anymore and that's good And Democrats are and that's bad But their credibility is at an all time low I think the latest Gallup poll had 9% of Republicans believing corporate media and only a third of independence If not for Democrats they would just be totally in the

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