Andrea Mitchell Falsifies 2000 GOP Convention Memory About Colin Powell


MRC news busters Kyle dren and Andrew Mitchell falsely claims the Republican Party booed palate to 2000 convention As news broke Monday morning of the passing of former Secretary of State and joint chiefs chairman Colin Powell and NBC's Today Show Adrian Mitchell jumped at the chance to exploit his death to bash Republicans But in her ghoulish rush to do so she got her facts wrong when she falsely claimed he was booed at the 2000 GOP national convention She said I was on the floor of the convention in 2000 and fled off and when Republicans booed him She even went so far as to argue that moment began the late general shift of the Democrat party years later She said but he just stood out from his Republican Party even back in 2000 at the convention for speaking up for black rights and eventually did endorse Barack Obama as you know Later on 12 p.m. MSNBC show Mitchell recalled what supposedly upset the GOP crowd She said I remember being on the floor of the convention the GOP convention in Philadelphia in 2000 He was booed from the floor because he spoke about affirmative action She declared again and that was the beginning of a public break you know internally for him with the Republican Party Mitchell then finally remembered quote and so the endorsement will meet the press with Tom broke on 2008 a Barack Obama the black candidate was such a momentous occasion in politics By the way I was at that convention And I don't remember any booing and I was right Despite Mitchell's unchallenged assertions about how being derided by Republicans in 2000 An examination of C-SPAN's coverage of the GOP convention that year does not show him being booed at all In fact during the passage of his speech dealing with affirmative action which Mitchell specifically cited only cheers and applause were heard The footage shown on screen displayed people on the convention floor celebrated pal speech Perhaps Mitchell heard a small smattering of booze from her spot in the convention hall while covering the event

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