Democrats Are Panicking Over Virginia's Governor Race


So the Democrats are saying listen if we lose this Virginia governor's race and what sadly has become a blue state I said deep blue on my podcast this morning but it's not deep blue It's definitely blue Maybe a tinge of blue slash purple But Virginia has been going the way of the Democrats for a very long time up there with Colorado and some other states as well There's other states trending back of course Florida and Ohio trending back towards a Republican Party So all is it lost But there's no question Virginia has gone blue For now so with the Democrats are worried about as if they lose this race the entire Biden agenda hinges on this $3.5 trillion bankruptcy percolates Bill which will destroy the economy of the United States It'll take us 20 years to recover from this apocalyptic disaster I can't say that in strong enough terms This thing is a disaster It is a disaster like you haven't seen before It makes the Obama stimulus look like a $10 bill left on the beach you just found what your kids I mean this thing is cataclysmic There's not enough modifiers I can use to describe how bad this is The Obama the Biden people need this thing to go through They're hanging their hat on it It's everything to them They're terrified given the scope of the bill That the moderates in the house and the Senate the Joe manchins the Kirsten cinemas and people on the house side The Congress the members of Congress on the house side that if we lose if not we if they lose The race for governor in the blue state of Virginia That the moderates are going to panic are going to flip out going to have an X lax moment Going to need diapers and they're never going to vote for this Biden agenda Biden then loses in the midterms Coming up a year from next month Biden will lose in a route in the midterms Everybody needs to get out and vote I don't care who tells you not to buy the same garbage I'd say that's not that's not the you don't forfeit the game I'm sorry I'm not forfeiting anything Biden loses in the midterms becomes effectively a lame duck a year from now He will have nothing They are panicked over

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