Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Posts Maskless Photo at WNBA Game, Violating Indoor Mask Mandates


You think Lori Lightfoot cares that there's any pushback over her? Celebrating a WNBA, basketball teams win in the middle of a crowd indoors without her mask on. You think she cares? She just wants the police officers in Chicago fired. She wants to fire the cops. For not following the vaccine mandate. But she doesn't have to follow the mask mandate that she imposed. She's Lori Lightfoot. Biden doesn't need to follow the mask mandate that he imposed. He's Joe Biden. That's the point they know. You think Joe Biden doesn't know he's gonna get photographed? He's the president of the United States. You think somebody's gonna take his picture? Is he's walking through a restaurant? Well, of course they are. He doesn't care. Heck, Lori Lightfoot's picture. The one that she's sitting there grinning ear to ear in the crowd full of masked up people, you know why the people in the stands are mashed up 'cause they have to, 'cause that is the rules. But those rules don't apply to her. She's Lori Lightfoot. She's the mayor. His rules for thee not me. And they know it. She posted the picture. She doesn't care? But fire those police officers fire that Washington state football coach, fire that ESPN reporter fire that nurse fired that state trooper fire people who don't follow the Democrat rules.

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