What Happened When Eric 'Came Out' as a Trump Supporter


Because when I wrote the bonhoeffer book, so many people came to love me who then once I came out of the closet as believing Trump was better than Hillary Clinton as a candidate is pretty crazy stuff. When I came out on that, these people thought, I get emails now a little bit less often, but I was getting emails like almost every day. Have you lost your mind? Didn't you read your own bonhoff for book? Don't you see, you know, effectively that Hitler, I mean, that's a Trump is Hitler two. Don't you get it? He's an authoritarian monster. You know, and I realized that it's almost funny because it's precisely the opposite. It's the left that has taken on the mantle of Hitler. Has anybody referred to Hitler as having a mantle before? The biblical, it's an anti mantle sure. But the point is the point is that the parallels are stark. But even a number of years ago, even I don't know, 7 years ago, 8 years ago, people would say, how did this happen in Nazi Germany? How did that happen? And I said, it happened exactly like it's happening here now. That's how it happened. So the idea that I mean, of course, if you have a racist view of Germans, it's very easy to say how it happened. The Germans are uniquely evil. But if you believe that you're as bad as the Germans who hated the Jews as being uniquely evil, we all know, as Dennis just said that it's not a racial issue. It's a human issue. And we don't know why God allows it to go as it does through history. You know, if I were God, I don't think I would have let the Holocaust happen, but I'm not

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