President Trump Did a Lot of Good for Our Country


That's the truth And he did a hell of a lot for this country Securing the borders reviving the economy did a lot for minorities in this country In minority communities and so forth He recognized that China was the enemy As in many respects in a box as a result of the things he did and they were scared the hell out of them Same with Russia Same with a rain Iran was on the verge of collapse now Iran is back Because Biden and the Democrats are giving them sustenance Even on the inbred and North Korea was pretty much in a box he wasn't firing missiles off And nobody said he could do it but Trump made a deal with Mexico With a Mexican army was stopping illegal immigrants on its southern border before they could even get to our wall And our wall for the most part the extent it was built over 500 miles but the Democrats blocked the rest Was working and it certainly would have worked if it had been completed So many positives he pushed the vaccines through with operation warp speed He was getting a lot of red tape from Fauci and the FDA and the CDC He pushed it through his only he can Therapeutics very very important He pushed those through There's so much when you think about it He destroyed ISIS I mean I'm just sitting here thinking about

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