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Casta and today we're chatting to river Hawkins. He's an actor and the founder and CEO of human. We're going to be finding out about what the charity does and discussing their rise against suicide sunrise walk. Yeah, so human is a charity that I founded and I also run. And it's men's mental health charity that prevents men from suffering silence and dying too young by providing safe spaces, which we call the human space, the gym for your mind, as we all understand the concept of going to the gym on a regular basis to maintain our physical health, this is the gym for our mental health. For us, go on a regular basis. So how is that working at the moment because was it people meeting meeting up beforehand have you gone online? What's happening with it these days? Yeah, absolutely. So, before the pandemic hit, I really, what was really important to me was that in person human connection. So they were in person spaces. So we had London Manchester Edinburgh Cardiff Dublin. And then the pandemic hit. And then we quickly transitioned everything online. And I was actually before the pandemic, I was not avoiding online, but as I said, what was really important to me was that human interaction because we're so technically connected these days that I feel like then we're also more physically isolated than ever. So the pandemic forced that, but actually it was a great thing in the end. So we transitioned it all online. And then that enabled everyone from all over the world to attend the human space in locations. We weren't yet in and obviously countries, we're not outside. We weren't outside the UK. So we literally had people from the state, South Africa, Australia, India, barley. So so many different places all over Europe joining. And it was an incredible thing of us all coming together and having this worldwide human space. So that's how it changed. And could you explain a bit more about how it actually works? Is it peer support, groups of that be fair to say was the individuals coming to sort of speak to one individual? How does it work? So yeah, you would class it as a peer support, and the format that I created was is the first half the session is anything anyone wants to get for their chest. And then the second half focuses on a theme for the week. So every week it changes. So it could be empathy relationships, fear, shame.

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