$7.5 Billion Tax Payer Dollars for Electric School Busses?


Why are senators and congressmen that represent red states? That have massive oil and natural gas production, going along with the following. The infrastructure package will spend $7.5 billion for electrical vehicle charging stations, with which the administration says is critical to accelerating the use of electrical vehicles and to curb climate change. It would also be available for a $5 billion of purchase for electric school buses and hybrids, reducing reliance on school buses that run on diesel fuel. So, for the representatives from states like Pennsylvania, like Brian Fitzpatrick, or from West Virginia, like David McKinley, or from North Dakota, why is there a support of an agenda that will destroy the oil and natural gas production from the Marcellus shale? To the Balkan, isn't that a major job producer in your state? Modernizing the electric grid. By the way, this makes Pete Buttigieg, one of the most powerful people in Washington, D.C.. You are giving him a $1.2 trillion as the head of the Department of Transportation to allocate towards his green energy cronies as he sees it as he sees fit. Of $1.2 trillion of additional spending on top of the trillions of dollars we spend every single year on top of the stimulus packages we've passed in the last 12 months. Is that what we went and elected Republicans to go do?

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