A highlight from Family, Hoops & Honoring Our Past, w/ Dan Grunfeld


If you recognize the name, that's because Dan is, of course, the son of Ernie grunfeld, the former GM of the Knicks and bucks and sons, he also, of course, was a former NBA player for 9 seasons, and in fact, the only NBA player to be the son of Holocaust survivors. It's a fascinating story and one that had never been told before, even though we're any grunfeld of course has spent most of his adult life in the public spotlight and Ernie will actually join us for the last 15 minutes of the conversation. Dan is telling the story for the first time in this book, it's a very difficult story, obviously, and certainly one that was very difficult for his father. It almost fell to Dan to be the one to carry this fourth. It's gripping, it's moving. And of course, there is darkness and tragedy in their family history, but this is mostly a tale of hope and perseverance. You see it in Ernie grunfeld's life through Dan's eyes in the book and through the stories passed down from Dan's grandmother who escaped the Holocaust and eventually moved to the U.S.. There's a lot of fun basketball stuff along the way too, so the book really, I think does a great job of alternating, giving us some of the history and some of those tough moments, but also a lot of insights into Ernie grunfeld's basketball journey, Dan grunfeld's journey as well. He played at Stanford for four years and played a little overseas.

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