This Is What You Can Do to Save America


People ask me all the time they say Charlie, what can I do actually to save the country? And they're like, I do everything I've been told. I watched Tucker Carlson, I bought the pillow, like I did everything I was supposed to do, right? By the way, promo code Kirk at my pillow dot com, the circulation. No, seriously. And if you guys are moving in as a high school to college kids, the best Giza dream sheets you could imagine. But no, in all seriousness, it's kind of one of these questions of what else can I do to save the country? And this is why I think that our turning point USA activists are doing such a meaningful difference honestly. Because you've done the most important thing as a start, which is you've decided to be the same person in public that you are in private. And you want to know one of the biggest issues we have in America is that we have 75 million people a large percentage of that they're afraid to tell. Anyone else that they're a conservative out of fear of being fired? Be fear being mocked and ridiculed, and they're right. And that doesn't mean you shouldn't speak out. So people say a lot, they say, Charlie, you know, if only my fraternity or sorority knew that I was a conservative guy, I'd get kicked out. Or my friends would know. Or my boss would know. And you think yourself, are you really free in that sense that you always kind of have to wear a different uniform or you have to kind of change what camouflage you put on when you leave your apartment or your house? And one of the things that people complain about, most is cancel culture. I hate the term. I never liked cancel culture. I think it's overly simplistic quite honestly. But the reason why cancel culture, whatever, however you want to define it is powerful is partially because we make it so, is partially because we allow the other people to have a lot of power over our lives. Is that we say, okay, I'll speak out, but if it means that I might get called a bad name, then maybe I'm just kind of sit down and let someone speak for me. And the most important thing that I want you to take away from the speech tonight is that you want you want in your life to try to be a free person in the sense that you don't have to pretend that people around you or something you're

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