Ghislaine Maxwell's accusers say she sexually exploited them. Here's what her trial may reveal


Exception of rape and incest The trial of British socialite and accused sex trafficker jolene Maxwell begins tomorrow Maxwell's accused of acting as an accomplice to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein Here's Brian shook All of Epstein and Maxwell's alleged victims are expected to take the stand Epstein reportedly took his own life inside his jail cell two years ago before his trial on sex crimes could begin Maxwell's family has filed a complaint with the UN alleging inhumane conditions in her jail cell I'm Bryan shook Police in Queens are on the hunt for a pair of bank robbers who have robbed a dozen banks in 12 days Police say the pair has been going into banks throughout the burrow handing notes to tellers and demanding money Police report they've gotten away with thousands of dollars Nobody's been hurt in any of the incidents Actors Lindsay Lohan's engaged She made the announcement this weekend on her Instagram page Lohan's fiance is but a chamas a businessman who works in Dubai where he and Lohan both live She's posted several pictures of the two together with a caption that says my love my life my family my future The independent reports the two have been dating for a couple of years I'm Scott Carr

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