A highlight from Sancho Steals Point for Man United



French contingents, Craig, what do you make of it all today? Well, I mean there's a couple of ways to look at it. It's not a gift from Gemini, was not so much a gift for man united. They'd get them a point in the end, but it was a gift for SETI and Liverpool, because the inevitable getting mixed up. Because they would have been looking for, you know, did they get something? Because united are not in a title race. And that sort of helped demo a little bit. I was intrigued by those trying to suggest that because united got the goal and there was a little bit of faith that this was like the old game that's the old united again. It wasn't a football match per se. Yeah, they got this goal. Yeah, they defended decently and they set the stall out. It was one way traffic for the most part. But it's all done at Chelsea for me, team selection, substitutions, quality and the final thought. United were always going to come and make it difficult. They're not good enough to compete with the top three boys in a Premier League at the moment. That's crystal clear. So there's no surprise Chelsea dominated. But starting with Timo Verna, I mean, I was talking to you about it. The two German players that they say in vendor and Harvey else are both, I would say frustrating at

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