Brooklyn Nets Ban Kyrie Irving From Team Over Vaccination Status


I'm telling you both something big is happening It's happening right now You're seeing Kyrie Irving a massive superstar in the NBA National Basketball Association The NBA is now saying hey guy can't play until we force him to get a vaccine You're seeing pushback everywhere It's happening right now Chest out chin up It's happening right now The beach ball of freedom can not be pushed underwater for that long It's natural inertia is to emerge from the crest of the water and express itself All right well a beach ball is not alive It doesn't have a will but you do And your natural will and inclinations to be free and to not be not to be told by a bunch of government swamp rats what to do with you and your body and the bodies of those in your family How long did they think this was going to persist Southwest the NBA Kyrie Irving you're seeing it now

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