A highlight from Hour 4: Keith Carter & Chris Doering


The pride passion that pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul Fein bomb show our four podcast. Welcome back. We're lively. Oxford Mississippi on the grove on a just spectacular late October day and LSU in town to take on the old miss rebels and joining us as Keith Carter. The old miss athletic director and Keith, I'm sure it's not that uncommon, but you think of the SEC and when I grew up, all the athletic directors were former head football coaches. You are breaking that mold a little bit coming up from the basketball ranks. You played basketball here. With another SEC coach and got involved in the in various things and became the athletic director a couple of years ago. Yeah, you know, for me, coming here as a student athlete to play basketball, never in my wildest dreams that I think that would be the AD here, someday, but it's been awesome. And I think having been a student athlete here, it really allows me to have a really cool perspective on what it takes to be successful here and now as an administrator to be able to give back. It's been pretty cool. Yeah. Lane kiffin was here a couple of hours ago and you hired him. Let's talk a little bit about that. I know it's water under the bridge now that you hired him, but I'm curious because lane kiffin now is everybody's favorite head coach and he's beloved. But you had to convince him to come here. He had other offers. Even within the SEC, take us back to that moment. Well, you know, I think when we had to make the change, you know, I was looking for a coach to come in one that was from the offensive side of the football. And then somebody that could bring in come in and bring in energy and galvanize our fan base. And we needed someone that could come in right away and do that in lane certainly did that with his national reputation and just the brand that he was able to bring. But then you're now looking back almost two years later, to see kind of where we are. Number 12 in the country and you watch college game day, you watch whatever. And they're talking about old miss football on lane kiffin and what our young men are doing. It's just been phenomenal. And to be able to see what lanes being able to do on the field, but off the field as well. And really getting ingrained in the community and all those things. It's just been great. And look for more great things to come in the future. Yeah, and not only is lane kiffin doing spectacular things, you have at the moment, the Heisman favorite, which is also a pretty big news. It's a long way. And I ask courage different about it earlier. But the amount of attention that comes to a university just through the conversation. Yeah. Well, first of all, Matt is just a great young man. First and foremost. He's overcome some adversity, had an injury while he was here and was benched and now he's back and you just love to see good young people be successful and do great things. But you watch what he does on the field and everybody talks about his arm, and then this past weekend, he has 30 rushes and almost 200 yards. And you almost single handedly put the team on his back to win that game at Tennessee. So we love what he's doing. Obviously we wanted to continue to play well and you want it for the team, you want to follow that, but you want it for Matt too, just because he's been through so much and it's fun to see him do well. Let's talk about this weekend, because anyone who follows the SEC football knows the importance of the rivalry with LSU. It goes without saying it's for a long time. It was the game on both sides. Everything changes, it's still pretty important game. But just this weekend with EY Manning and everything else that comes into it, to give us an encapsulation of what this weekend means. Well, it's huge. And we're talking off air. We just sold out. So we're excited about that. It's our first sellout in a very long time. And so we were excited about the crowd tomorrow's gonna be great here in the grove and but yeah, the rivalry has always been there. You know, a lot of our fans talk about the old miss LSU rivalry as our number one rivalry and we've had some great games. Obviously, some of the personal kind of storylines with coach kiffin and coach George on backgrounds and those type of things. But I think for us, we're focused on us tomorrow. We've got to go out. We've got to play well. We're encouraging all our fans to get there early and be loud and make it a true home field advantage. But it should be fun and again, Oxford and old miss is kind of back to what we know it as. And you see on the square, you see around campus. There's a buzz, and it feels really good to be back. And I don't want to go too old school because we all as a young person, I got tired of that, but I think a lot of young people watching keys, even long before your time. Appreciate the richness of almost football. I mean, you go back to the 50s, 60s, obviously, through that era, even into the 70s and this was in many ways along with Alabama the epicenter of college football and the SEC. It really was. And you know, we take a lot of pride in that. We go back to the late 50s, early 60s, winning national championships and some ups and downs along the way. But you know, program and the people that played in that area and all the way through are very prideful of that. And what we've been able to do with all this football. So with coach kiffin, that's one of the things we talked about during the hiring process was becoming more consistent. You know, and getting back to those days where we could win year in and year out. And obviously off to a great start and hope to add more stories to that legacy as we move forward. I'm curious because we saw the bowl game last year, obviously, a different type of year, but it's still meant a lot. And I think we get focused on programs that just level. Who's in the final four? Who's going to the playoffs? And I'm curious as a school that has been in contention in the past. We all know what happened here 7 or 8 years ago that's now knocking on the door again. Just what it means just to be relevant in a college football world where it's not that easy. It's not. And we've, again, we've shown that with this roller coaster ride over the past 15 years or so that you can become relevant and then the next day you're not. And so again, that's what we've talked a lot about is remaining relevant. And I think last year, being able to get to the outback bowl beat a great Indiana team with create that momentum going into recruiting. And those type of things has been great. And then off to a 5 in one star this year, we only want more. And we want to continue to push forward. But one game at a time, we'll be ready at two 30 tomorrow and hopefully get to 6 and one. Keith, let's talk about the broader picture of your job. And you're one of 14 about to be 16 at some point when we don't know, but that does that is now on the minds of a lot of athletic directors as we make our travels. We don't know when it will happen. But how are you and your colleagues approaching the possibility that two years from now three years from now or whenever it is, a lot of what we know is not going to exist. Yeah, you know, it's going to be a fun puzzle to solve. And I think all of us as ADs, you know, it's a very challenging time. You look at realignment, you look at Niall, you look at transfer portal, you look at the allston case. There's just so many different things that are going on kind of nationally that are really big, big issues. But I think it's all good. We're going to get through it. We're going to find great solutions and I love the fact that Oklahoma and Texas are going to join our league. I think there are two great brands that are going to join what is already the best league in the country and just make us even stronger.

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