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To chasing poker greatness, sir. How are you doing this morning? Good man. Well, this evening for me in Thailand. All relative 9 p.m. wow. So it's 10 a.m. here, 9 p.m. for you. How is Thailand right now? It's pretty awesome. We basically had it to ourselves for the last two years, which has been incredible to seeing the whole people love time anyway, but imagine you're going to see and it would go into these crazy beaches where it normally like hundreds of people. And you're the only people on the beach is pretty special. It's never going to happen again in my lifetime. So I'm pretty thankful that I've got to see all that. Now people are trying to come back and honestly I'm already getting annoyed by it. I'm like, no, this is my place now, but, you know, I can't complain. From Thailand. You don't look like you're originally from Thailand. Now I'm from England. I ended up here about four or 5 years ago, and then just basically never left, off and on, going back to England and traveling for Parker and stuff. But Todd went pretty good to me during COVID. Hasn't been as archaic as some countries. Basically they have a rule here where the cases get too high that have stopped testing people. So that's pretty good for the numbers because they only get so high and then no worries about it anymore. So they cook the books. So yeah, they do yeah. And then it's pretty cool because they're pretty slow cooking the books. So you can kind of see what's about to happen. So you can see that one province is about to close down. So he's like, okay, I'm just going to lead that province and I'm going to stay in this province and then rinse and repeat basically. So I've been fortunate to live all over it now, so I don't quite well. But yeah, as I said, things are opening up again now. So we'll see how it goes with actually months. I think as of November, literally in a few days, I don't know if this podcast goes up. How soon this podcast goes out, but November, everyone's just basically lab back in. As long as you've got two vaccines also happens. So we have a mutual friend that also lives in Thailand and I've known many people in the poker world that have moved and stay in Thailand. What is it about Thailand that is so appealing to young professional poker players? Well, the community aspect is definitely that. I don't know how that started per se, but it's like, I think first of all, it's cheaper. It's warmer. So when I first came over, it was because of my friends that traveled here. And one of my friends, who was playing like 25 and now, 50 now, we're just like, I'm just going to get an apartment. I'm going to play 25 and 50 now. I'm going to go and live by the beach. I'm going to go to the gym every day because there's a nice fitness culture here. And without sounding ridiculous, like, all the girls love me more here. like, why wouldn't I want to do that? That sounds good. I want to come try that. And then for me, I went from a pretty reasonable job. I went through a lot of jobs, finally got like a pretty good job. And I found that even though I was making decent money, I just had no time. I was always tired. And I just ultimately decided that even if I ended up in Thailand, making a $1000 a month. I'd rather do that than have to $3000, $4000 a month and then not have any time to myself. And I get to live in Thailand. And potentially, well, fortunately for me, it's gotten better than that because I've been obviously things have gone well for me, poker, but for me, I was just like, yeah, I'd rather take that. I'd almost rather take that sacrifice in up there. Then through that end up in the community, which helped me get better at poker, the lifestyle was amazing. It's just like I had an issue of the sun being a power Ginger person, but I like going out at the night when it's warm and going out and I'm sure on t-shirts like a past 6 o'clock because it's quite warm here. The food's fantastic. Everything's a lot cheap. You're living in a big city. So for example, if you want to live in London, which I did for a little bit, I was in what you call zone four, so the way London works like the center is like zone one and it gets further and further out. So zone four, I'm paying like stupid money to live there even though it's own form paying student money on transport even though it's own four. And I live in the middle of Bangkok and I'm paying I'd say I could quite happily happily have a great time on a $1000 a month and like what I'm playing a hundred zoom making probably an average of $2000 a month. I'm living like a king. It was amazing. Yeah, that sounds like a $1000 a month. Living a good life. Yeah. The girls like you more sunshine on the beach. Yeah. I guess I could see the appeal, I guess. If I look, if I look hard enough and closely enough, I could see the appeal. Let's go back to okay. Let's go back to the beginning. Of your journey into the poker world, right? So tell me about your life and then entry into the poker world and how old are you so that we can set the timeline? So I turned 30 about two months ago. So 2000 I was born in 1991, 2021, so I'm 30 years old I can't believe I'm saying that.

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