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Our young kids just got shot because someone decided they want had a gun Four months ago another kid student was killed after a fight at that school This latest incident coming as D.C. police gear up a crime fighting initiative with more violence interrupters for the ivy city neighborhood But that's not expected to happen until later this spring People are getting shot every day Children are getting shot every day John Doe in news The family of a teenager who went missing in D.C. more than a year ago has received devastating news the family of 17 year old Brian ward tells our news partners at NBC four remains found Thursday in Maryland likely belong to the teenager He was last seen getting into a car near his petworth home back in September of 2020 Family says items that were found near skeletal remains match items that Brian was last wearing The sea police say they are waiting for the autopsy results to confirm the identity of the remains Brian's family celebrated his 18th birthday without him in September wearing shirts that said we miss you A summit in the district is working to give youth a voice when it comes to crime and public safety It's a first of its kind but here at eastern high school D.C. police held a youth summit in an effort to bridge the gap between students and law enforcement My goal is to activate our young people to action D.C. police chief Robert Conti students were able to break off into smaller groups and classrooms that were mostly free of adults to discuss public safety and crime Everybody were having these conversations about youth But what I see missing oftentimes are the youth Conti says giving the students the free space is essential because often times are young people have been sidelined in silence and your voices are not being heard In northeast D.C. Acacia James wtop news President Biden wants to require private insurers to cover the costs of at home COVID testing but the goal of cheap widely available home test kits is months away The Biden administration's rules for insurance companies reimbursing for home test kits won't be ready until early next year I believe home testing is critical as one of the key levers to ending the pandemic Mara aspinall a health industry researcher at Arizona state university The rapid at home tests are very accurate If you have symptoms and you get a positive on this test you don't need to test twice It is pretty clear that you have COVID Aspen also says the nation is gearing up to greatly expand at home COVID testing Particularly on news And researchers are out tonight with a new suggestion as to why oh Macron might be more transmissible It could have something in common with the common cold Researchers say oh Macron likely picked up a snippet of genetic material from another virus possibly one that causes the common cold A study leader tells Reuters that snippet could allow oma crown to look more human and in turn evade attack by the human immune system This could mean the virus transmits more easily while only causing mild or asymptomatic disease This research has not yet been peer reviewed John Aaron wtop news coming up after traffic mother here on WTO P a man dies in police custody in Leesburg It's 6 O 7 now in Washington I custom floor Nell

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