Schools On Lockdown (MM #3885)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason, every day whether I watch the local news, see something in a story online or see something in my Facebook feed. We see more and more schools going on lockdown. It's not something that ever happened in our world back in the day. We're worried more about the safety of children, especially from people trying to get in trying to do them harm, but also, from what's going on in their neighborhood. It's not just national. It's literally across America, where schools go on lockdown every day. It's kind of scary that we've entered a world where we have to start thinking about locking our kids in school because there's so much going on outside the schools that makes them a safe place, but yet a place for possible danger. It's all these school shootings happen. While it's a great place to be safe once somebody gets in, they have halls and rooms where people are just use the sitting targets. It's very scary to think that doors are locked to keep people out and more importantly to keep people in, but that's the world we're living in today. Schools on lockdown never heard about it, even when we were ducking and covering back in the day, but now the locks are utilized. I'm sure a whole lot more than they ever were before.

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