Former Secretary of State Colin Powell Dies From COVID Complications


You probably heard Colin Powell died this morning from complications from COVID I was about to go on many of you watch them Monday morning I do a regularly scheduled appearance on Fox and Friends It wasn't canceled It was just obviously was breaking news and given that prioritize obviously for a good reason during breaking news like that people who are familiar with Colin Powell and her Newman worked with him that didn't happen which was the right decision to make But yeah it's been an interesting day also the man you know we just got notification of his death and of course the politics have to come out right away and it's just I'm not going to involve that I'm not doing that Not now You know I refuse to do what these lefties do I'm not going to do it Remember when any prominent conservative dies of COVID it's a celebratory moment for the left who thinks it's hilarious There's nothing hilarious about someone dying from a disease like this You know essentially suffocating to death from inflammation in their lungs Yeah if you think that's hilarious you should probably seek some serious I'm not kidding Mental health professional and consult with him or her to decide what's wrong with you and your rotting carcass of a

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