The School Board Wants You to Think Parental Concern Is Now a Domestic Terror Threat


Greg gut failed had a great commentary last night on his show on fox news. Talking about how. Democrats and merrick garland and believe me. Mary garland is an operating in a in a vacuum. This is the by administration directive to criminalise parents who are objecting to curriculum in school. To greg's spot on commentary last night in the memo they decry threats of violence but is it actual terroristic activities or parents trying to get to the bottom of a lousy education. Which in the long run is more of a national threat than china. Russia iran combined but the school board in the law. Want you to think that parental concern is now a domestic terror threat. That's right a mom. Yelling at school. Board members at a public meeting is the same as her donning. an explosive vest blown-up school demanding quality schools is now like crashing. The plane into the pentagon they've taken the most necessary debate. One could have how to teach your kids and recast it as the perfect left wing. Fantasy aerobic educators. Battling a mob of pitchfork wielding. Edens all wearing mom jeans and fanny packs and those are just the

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