Trump's Former War Room Director Andy Surabian on His Path to Politics


He's former special assistant to president Trump and deputy political strategist. My good body. Andy, sarabia. Welcome back to America first. Thanks so much for having me today, sad. It's been way too long. It has been way too long, but we know you're a busy guy, you're in the background, you're making sure that we get the right maga candidates and that they win and this freight train of America first, not only trounces the Democrats in the midterms next year, but also our old boss will win in 2024. We have so much to discuss. You are a Republican strategist and you are the spokesperson for Donald Trump Jr.. So I just want to get in there that this is what these are the little things that this guy does after he leaves The White House. Hopefully we'll see him back there soon enough. Andy, let's start because we have an unfettered discussion here, say a little bit about yourself. Where do you hail from and how did you get into this? Is my dad used to say politics? It's disgusting, but it's so fascinating. So if your audience isn't able to tell by the accent that I still have to this day, I was born and raised in the very conservative dashkin of Massachusetts or the longtime nickname of tax executives. But this world has gotten so crazy that there's numerous states that have higher taxes today than Massachusetts. I mean, that's how crazy this country has gone over the last several years or we can't even really call it that's the truth it's anymore. But born and raised in Massachusetts, how did I get involved in politics, my lord? I mean, that's kind of an interesting question. I will give you the short version. Was originally interested in politics, via Ron Paul's presidential campaign in 2008. And I was just very interested in seeing someone come from outside the typical political

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