Democrats Will Write the Same Movie Script of Russian Collusion in the Next Election


I bring it up because again these people are going to get off I have no confidence in the justice system whatsoever But this is what they did They took a plot they erase Bob Dole's name They erase John McCain's name and put in Donald Trump Donald Trump's name and I bring it up because they are going to do it again Don't think for a second that the media will expose as their hacks their activist hacks They have no credibility They have no dignity They're an embarrassment to their entire neighborhood Their village their families their friends they will do nothing to uncover this I can almost guarantee you in the next election You will again hear this same theme coming up Oh my gosh rushing influence in the I don't know say Trump doesn't run And the desantis campaign guarantee And you'll remember this show on this date and this podcast what is it 1627 and you'll be like oh my gosh they're trotting out and bunging those 2007 movie script The same story from The Wall Street Journal again

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