A highlight from In deep: Why mining is heading to the seafloor


By climbing inside elven. So you're lowered into the water. Elvin is a submersible vehicle that fits just three people. And it's taken thousands of scientists down into the deep ocean over more than half a century, including doctor aime gartman and oceanographer at the U.S. geological survey. And then Albin starts to sink and as we continue add dissent. To a scuba diver, you know, a deep dive is 30 or 40 meters. Doctor Tim O'Hara is a senior meringue curator at museum's Victoria. To a submarine a deep dive is 300 meters. You see the ocean go from bright blue to deeper navy blue and then light persists to a thousand meters. We can't see anything else. We're usually typically smashing our faces to the window, trying to see if there's anything exciting going on in the darkness. But

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