'Let's Go, Brandon' Goes Mainstream


You type in let's go brand into Google news, it is everywhere. AP news. How let's go Brandon became code for insulting bought Joe Biden. The Washington Post, let's go brain and is Republican vulgar governing agenda. By Dana millbank. Oh yeah, but drag queen story are perfectly cool. All right, the fact that 6 year olds get exposed to dudes that are in dresses. 22 hours ago Trump campaign joins the let's go Brandon trend. The NPR national public radio. Here's what let's go Brandon actually means and how it made its way to Congress. Fox 8, let's go Brandon, here's where the viral meme comes from. Three days ago, how the anti Biden song let's go Brandon became a shadow smash. And I can continue. The left is perplexed that there would be a grassroots non centralized non CNN non AT&T, by the way, this is what's so amazing about this is Black Lives Matter is totally corporate. It was top down centralized, every corporation was behind it. This is totally let's just say not coordinated. There's no central command center for let's go Brandon. There's no multi-million dollars spending campaign. There's no pledges from PepsiCo or from Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, saying we're going to pledge $30 billion to get rid of let's go Brandon equity in our country. No, this is just kind of bottom up. Where the Black Lives Matter thing B 11 incorporated was totally manufactured. It was absolute top down, and yet let's go Brandon thing is happening why because people are feeling the reality of Joe Biden's

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