Rich Valdes Cuts a Pro-Wrestling Promo on Joe 'El Baboso' Biden


You know shoot as a talk show host talking smack and cutting promos is literally like in my DNA The wrestling part not so much So I imagine if I was going to wrestle somebody let's say Joe el bubble so Biden I would call him out from the locker room curtain right And they would be announcing And Richie V the broadcasting barber he is coming through the door making his way to ringside from the locker room calling out Joel Barbosa Biden and let's go to the mic And I would say Jo el bubble so Biden This is my promo right You don't stand a chance against me in the ring because you're allowing human smuggling at the border You botched up Afghanistan You're destroying the airline industry right before Christmas with vaccine mandates And Joel el bubble so Biden you won't stand a chance against me when you wrestle in this ring right here in Madison Square Garden in New York City I don't know You know you know why Because he wouldn't have the Secret Service He won't have his famous handy dandy note card and he won't have gen circle backpass Silent P of course It'll just be sleepy creepy Joe and me mono Amano American versus chinaman Capitalist versus closet communist And of course I'm gonna do my signature move I guess we're gonna call that the broadcast blast And I will broadcast blast Joe Elba also Biden all over this ring And then the crowd erupts into a chant Sounds like they're chanting Let's go Brandon for some odd reason Anyway that's what it would be like I guess a brother can train

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