Joy Reid Tries Uninspiring Joke on Gov. Ron DeSantis' Brilliant Invitation for First Responders


Joy Reid joy Reid she's hateful Joy Reid she doesn't like this because why Because Ron DeSantis Ron L Don the sentence What did he say He said oh guess what Whatever state you're in you got fired I'm giving $5000 bonuses What's up Come be a cop in Florida Come be a first responder over here Was good This is why I like him because he brings the fight to the left He doesn't wait to get punched in the face He's like how are you trying to punch me Watch this Wow And he catches him and they're like oh how did he do that Oh he's terrible He's killing everybody with COVID Listen to joy Reid On Sunday the Florida Republican announced plans to offer unvaccinated cops $5000 bonuses to relocate to Florida and join police forces there Rolling out this perverse dystopian tourism ad to the COVID blue line Are you big on ordering people to comply but you hate complying with health mandates yourself Do you dream of a resting people's ability to breed while you arrest them Well pack up your potentially infectious self you're bad in your gun and come on down to Florida Take this taxpayer bonus money and enjoy constant interaction with vulnerable senior citizens you can breathe on Every breakthrough case in ICU admission is the virus of freedom spreading And don't forget the sunscreen Now you know my bias may prevent me from laughing at that I think that that may have been funny if it was arranged a little better I got to admit and maybe this is me tooting my own horn I think I might be a little bit funnier than joy Reid I really do Sometimes I listen and I go you know what that was actually pretty good Do we read Boo That wasn't any good You were talking about cops These are heroes These are the people that went into the burning buildings in 9 11 cops and firefighters in the ambulance Come on EMTs This is

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