A highlight from Deck the Lifetime Uncorked - 2021 Lifetime Christmas Preview #2

Deck The Hallmark


Christmas movies. I'm dan and oh boy. I am in such a state of despise about lifetime. Christmas movies and i'm patrick. Serrato a lifetime. Christmas movie expert. And that's all i have right. This is the hallmark podcast. There you go growing on yahoo that it is not grown on. Me is my complete inconsistency. I'm pretty sure last time. Patrick one second and i went and i messed that up. It's a whole thing patrick. We used to when we had guests. We would let them go last. And what do we do when when the gas. There's a regular and so when that happened i started going last year. I screwed it up at the marathon. 'cause i let go i'm all i'm all mixed up. Don't know what to do. That is where i am in so. I'm sorry i left you hanging there. Patrick that's not your appro on the one up. You know and i want to take this moment to say some people have been messaging me on twitter about like. Where's panda. and it's like a romeo and juliet type of thing. If we ever were to meet. I think we would like fall in love our families with like you know it'd be obviously i'm. Juliet is a calculate right. I'm of pandas montague or montagu. So you know. I just need to lay that out there. He's not like not not replacing him on this podcast on the lifetime. Version up like take them or leave. Lifetime chris movies i. I'm like in the military. He goes second because he's the lifetime pain is a lifetime pan that's right and But so much more because the blog is going on and all that stuff. But i i. I'm sorry that i messed that up and panda is not gone guys. He you know we're we're just lucky that we have more than you know one guy good enough to show so that helps out. A lot of bramble jam. Family is like expanding your like the marvel universe. You're getting off and you're over the world. And i'm happy in qualitatively still as good if not better than the originals which is fantastic. Would like to eventually run down that rabbit hole of who which like if we're paralleling marvel like who am i like but we can do that for another day. Another day for sure So we did a preview episode last week where we did the first batch. We ended with the last movie of november. It is now december here and this world of lifetime and this is where it gets a little wild. Because we've got an a movie every single day leading up to christmas. It was a bold move. It's a move that people will be talking about for years and years like where were you when you found out that lifetime doing this. Oh yeah and like. I did this one year for the podcast like me andrew. We did a episode a day like releasing an episode of day in december like leading christmas and it was a lot of content and like we started recording in october. And i was like all right. We're just gonna get all these done so by the time. December rolled around. I had no more work to do. It was all done. And it was just releasing the episodes. So that's what lifetimes doing here right there. Right to be done and i can enjoy the holidays and spend time with family. Weird right wild crazy. It is this out to me. Is the boldness of lifetime releasing a movie in every day knowing full. Well we've already gotten the reba mcentire movie knowing full. Well we have nothing in my opinion that i know of that. We're really looking forward to that. Can top that right like. Isn't that the big gold star is is on lifetime. Rereading you are correct reba. Reba is the pinnacle everything else is downhill like. We're going in. We'll get into it when we do the breakdown. But like it's kind of bleak december lineup not gonna lie. That's their slogan. Lifetime dissimilar wear the stars.

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