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Gets two key weapons back tonight coach What's the plan for Logan Thomas and Curtis Samuel and their long anticipated return to the lineup Well the biggest thing is I think Logan's a little bit further along in terms of football shape as far as that's concerned because he was able to go through training camp So you know we think we'll probably get about 30 35 good place from Logan As far as Curtis is we want to keep him to the pitch count somewhere between 15 and 20 Highlighting the inactive Tyler Larson and Ricky steel's Jones both out for Washington who is looking to end a streak of 8 straight losses on Monday Night Football and speaking of losing streaks this is your annual reminder of the wizards have not won in San Antonio since 1999 they will try again to get off the Schneider tonight at 8 30 down to level Maryland fall 6 spots in the latest women's AP top 25 poll all the way down to number 8 following two straight losses to top ten teams on the men's side Virginia just getting underway against Iowa they trail the hawkeye 16 to ten early in the first half Rob wood fork WTO sports Rob thank you coming up on A new police chief coming to this Maryland county O'Neal Traffic and weather next 7 17 When someone first comes in and you see that discouragement on their face they've tried so many different products but nothing seemed to work for them I'm able to take that disappointment

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