A highlight from The Mike Church Show-Ralph Kramden Was Right: Man IS King Of His Castle With Dr. G.C. Dilsaver


Doc my Music program has crashed on the older machine. As i was trying to queue up your doctor my eyes so you're going to have to go With a pedestrian can you. Can you hold you wars on few bars. You know let me see you. It looks like it might have just come back up here to believe me. You don't want me to a few bars of doctor. My eyes Work more. I think i really have jackson. Browne do it if he jackson brad. You know this. I didn't know this. But i was looking for. Was i do listen to some some chiefs and songs on player for my kids and he did a christmas song the rebel. Jesus you wrote that song. And he performed with the chieftains to Jackson browne to that refugees. You and i had a conversation about a year ago about jackson browne about some other songs that he wrote some other songs that he wrote And we were wondering out loud. What kind of what kind of guy that would kind of amandus guy was because he'd written some very interesting things that song doctor. My eyes is interesting. Yeah yeah absolut- so interesting talking about monarchy and and all this interesting it so So so this list is clear all actually this question. This question was asked after. I asked this question back at the bed center. If she could go before they me out and brought you on instead wanted farley and maybe they asked this question i was the only one that gave the different answer right which is interesting to now. Let me just go back. The first time. I was there all surprise that everybody on the panel at the end. They're all these traditionalist Were all in. Favor of. Ron paul's candidacy Which makes sense. Not rick santorum or someone else a definite john mccain but but Because anybody who is truly catholic realizes that the biggest threat to our faith not that you harvests in the biggest threat to our faith is the government. That's the biggest drop. the other ones. That again can actually do something to us. As i said as like the say if i saw you hottest coming up my road I might kind of actually Relish the idea. But if i say child protective services or the cops coming up now because you're world hurt because they can take your life without consequences and you can't buy back to jail so it's that's where we are so most people chew counts. The deeper deeper christians. Saw ron paul as the candidate. Because he's the only one that would be able to help protect us from this government. Renounced you full blown as tyrannical tall -tarian anti kristich. So but he has made the question. I asked the question i asked. And it was. Charl- the charts there and the rest of the group that was so how many here are are monarchists and everything one of them except for me. I'm on a monarch is in the sense that i'm not looking for some some some defunct royal house to be brought back because they have no not got her dane. It's nothing you know. This is nothing that was in our lord's mindset. And i can go back and actually we do talk about this inclusion christianity because actually when when the when the israelites asked for a king was not chord. With god's plan they were rather based on clans and familial clans clams with kinship. That's with monarchy latte reside and that's just natural social political unit however I wasn't when there wasn't one and i say by detail charles john. If but if you want me to be your monarch i would. I would exempt you know he was a little blasphemy. Commoner care pretenses a sunni way. But it was so because that did that is the actually a distraction. What i want to say. It's no would. I started talking about the new christendom. And you and you know you. Everybody else never talk about that idea. Why because it doesn't come to your mind you'll think about it if you are waiting for instance for the restoration of some defunct monarchy. If you or your way you from for a poked come and save the day or your or if you depend on some apparition or dependent apparition or devotions or even if you depend on the restoration of the trucial mass. If you depend those things you're not going to think about a new christian. Did you not thinking outside. A new paradigm and the new paradigm is that new crystals not going to be come down on top. It's not gonna be going. Prince's converged not going to be when when priests preached the gospel. It's going to be from the grassroots level. This is the new christian third millennium and this is a fully mature christianity.

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