L.a.'s New COVID Vaccination Proof Rules Go in Effect Today


So today, is it today? I think it is, right? So let me get this straight in Los Angeles. I'm broadcasting from right outside Los Angeles. Glendale, California. Which is its own city, so in Glendale, at this point, do you have to show a vaccination certificate? To get into a restaurant or wait so long that is a hair salons, nail salons, the like, that's LA county, correct? And that I believe does begin today. No, no, LA county. I think so. I think so, 'cause I live in LA county not in LA city and I don't believe I can get a haircut. Where I live. That that's my take a look. So look it up. Ellie county salons. Put that. I think that would probably get it cut it for you. But anyway, in LA, listen to this from the Los Angeles Times, which of course is for anything that the bribes people of freedom except abortion. Is this the beginning of the end Kim prince asked during a recent phone call? We have been in a period of pivot pivot pivot. I just want to fry chicken. A Monday prince who owns hot ville restaurant in the Baldwin hills Crenshaw mall, and all other restaurants in the city of Los Angeles will have to pivot again to comply with a new ordinance that requires customers to show proof of a vaccine, or a negative COVID-19 test. To dine indoors. Enforcement of the ordinance which covers shopping malls, movie theaters, beauty saloons and other indoor activities will start November 29th.

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