How Democrats lost voters in Virginia and New Jersey, and what it means for 2022

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To the news spoiler alert. It sucks Republican glenn yung-chen will be the next governor of virginia defeating terry mcauliffe by about eighty thousand votes in a state that joe biden one just a year ago by four hundred fifty thousand votes and a state. The democratic governor ralph northam won twenty seventeen by two hundred thirty thousand votes. Democrats also lost. The lieutenant governor's race the attorney general's race and seven seats in the house of delegates giving republicans control of that chamber but wait. There's more the democratic governor of new jersey phil murphy narrowly beat his republican opponent by appoint in a state that he won by fourteen points just four years ago and the democratic president of the state senate in jersey lost to a random truck driver who's campaign spending totalled one hundred and fifty three dollars for dunkin donuts and flyers. I do like the dunkin donuts. Part republicans also one in places like seattle long island and six of them were elected to state local offices Who had attended the january. Sixth rally led to a violent insurrection against the federal government. I could go on. But i don't want to turn off the pod dan before we get to why this happened. Surprised were you that this happened. What was your reaction to watching this. Absolute cluster fuck unfold on

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