California Gas Prices Soar to Record Highs


Let me ask you about this. Joe Manchin said this yesterday play cut number 20 for me, Ben. You just back home for a week. Do your voters want this bill, this big massive bill right now? I think my voters in West Virginia, but I don't speak for the whole country. My brother is a lot differently, but they're very much concerned. Inflation has hit them extremely hard. I hear it when I go to the grocery store, or if I go to the gas station, they say or use Matt as I am, not as absolutely. Do you know that gas got up to $4 and I guess 35 cents a gallon in California, senator Blackburn? Oh, yes. Absolutely. I talked to people in California every day that have decided to vote with their feet and to leave that state. Because you've got gas that is through the roof out there, people are paying well over a dollar 50 more than they were paying in January for a gallon of gas. And in Tennessee, it's 1.23 a gallon more. So what you're seeing is this rise and rights for energy cost at the grocery store, you are seeing the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is going to cost you more transportation to get to Thanksgiving dinner is going to cost you more. And people are fully aware of what this administration is doing.

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