Attorney Kash Patel Reacts to John Durham's Recent Indictments


First cash Patel. Welcome back to Salem radio. Savage, great to be with you guys. I'm so happy that you are continuing to hammer on the truth in Russia. That's why we're here every single day for three hours as well as our newsmax show on Sundays. Cash. I'm going to run by you. The reaction I got just a few days ago from Joe di Genoa, a lot of us have lost hope with John Durham. They say, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's two years later. I get that COVID slowed him down. But talk to Joe, who's a former special counsel himself, former U.S. Washington attorney, U.S. attorney for D.C.. He said these indictments, the level of detail in these indictments, especially the most recent one of danchenko, speak to a very serious individual who's going to get to the bottom of it. You've been there. You uncovered the Russia hoax for the house. What's your reaction to the recent developments on Capitol Hill? Yeah, look I think that John Durham is spot on track. As a former federal prosecutor, too, who brought these types of large scale fraud conspiracy cases, I spent three four 5 years sometimes working up a case in John Durham is working on the biggest scandal in the United States presidential history. And in two years, he's got three indictments. And the other thing about these indictments, he's connected the DNC to the corruption at the FBI to the corruption of their lawyers to now directly corrupting or expose enough nature of Christopher steel in the source. And normally these indictments are about two, three, four, 5 pages long. 40 page indictment. Yeah. Issues on the latest go round because John Durham is speaking to the public. It's the only way he's legally allowed to do so. And he's highlighting to take Sullivan's of the world that Charlie Dolan of the world. All these corrupt actors that fusion GPS and Christopher Steele and mccabe abstract and page. It's all coming to life. So I think he's on the right path. I've said it before on my show cash's corner where I did a deep dive into the derm saga and I think he's only just getting

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