A highlight from How I Made It: Rodrigo Reyes and 499

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New film takes on the violent legacy of the Spanish conquest in Mexico. A little over 500 years ago. In Nancy and a few hundred other Spanish conquistadores, arrived on the shores of the Americas in what is now called Mexico. From the coast, they marched inland to Tenochtitlan. The capital of the Aztec Empire. They intended to overthrow the Aztecs and claim that territory for the Spanish crown, and they did. On August 13th, 1521, the Spanish conquistadores declared the fall of the Aztec Empire, changing life in the Americas forever. In his new film 499, director Rodrigo Reyes revisits that moment, but not as a history lesson. Instead, 499 connects past and present by bringing a ghostly conquistador to the 21st century to retrace the route he walked 5 centuries ago. On his journey the conquistadors forced to listen to testimonies of

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