John Solomon: January 6 Commission Chairman Once Sympathized With Black Secessionist Group


Back with john. Solomon you've got to listen. It's going up in ten minutes. The latest podcast from john solomon reports with president trump. follow him at j solomon reports and bookmark. justin used dot com. You sent me earlier today. An unbelievable i don't know how many man-hours this took you to research. But we tell us about this story. Hubris adjust the news dot com about the chairman of the quote unquote insurrection investigative committee. Yeah absolutely while for months weeks now. We've seen bennie thompson. The democratic congressman from mississippi on television sympathizing with the police officers were injured on january six during the capitol right and denouncing an event that he has repeatedly called and insurrection. Fifty years ago. He was on the opposite side of an insurrection. This movement back in nineteen seventy one. When a group known as the republic of new afrika was making waves throughout mississippi. Why because the fbi was closely watching as it was trying to put together a movement to take if necessary by force land from people in mississippi louisiana georgia south carolina and alabama and create a separate nation on us l. called the republic of new afrika. So you know just to be explicit here. Ethnic separatists in america. That's yes they actually wrote their own declaration of independence. They renounced their citizenship in a meeting monitored by the fbi they engaged in multiple conflicts with police. Officers usually doing something Waffle like stopping car for traffic incident or executing a search warrant three times members of the are group killed a police officer in the early seventies and bennie thompson. Then a young alderman from a tiny town called bolton mississippi then known as bg times. Not even known as benny. He spoke out in favor of this

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