Virginia's Suzanne Youngkin Is Glenn's Secret Weapon


Virginia is not going the way of California. It did not fall off the blue cliff. Last night is turnout surged across the Commonwealth. I was texting with friends in my old state of California saying please, please please don't become California. And in fact, Lennon, embraced a new model. Be competent, be courageous. Big candid with voters. Be calm. Most of all, be a constitutional conservative. Glenn junkin was and he won. Suzanne junkin is his little known but very effective weapon. I met susanne at my early voting polling place when I went weeks before the election to vote and she was out there working the polls. Here she is last night Suzanne young and the new First Lady elect of Virginia. I love you, like, look at all these women. You all were amazing. Incredible. Incredible. It has been the highest honor to spend these last months, traveling around this Commonwealth. And meeting virginians. You welcomed me in your homes, you welcomed me in your parks, you welcomed me in your houses of worship, you were the most kind hospitable industrious, dedicated, wise, thinking, caring and beautiful people to me and I am forever grateful. I do want to give a shout out to the more than 27 thousand women. That were part of women for Glenn. Incredible. Incredible. You inspired me and sustained me and you girls rock.

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