Nikole Hannah-Jones Says Americans Have 'An Obsession With Guns'


The call Hannah Jones included Listen to this cut 11 go We have an article that talks about the Second Amendment That's by doctor Carol Anderson in out of Emory And really argue that our obsession with guns we are What is an obsession with guns me What does that mean These phrases that the marxists use we have an obsession with guns You know as an exception with guns the communist Chinese government The Cuban communist government the communist vet Venezuelan government the police states have obsession with guns They have the obsession with taking them from you So they can overpower you with their own guns Now the call Hannah Jones is a moron The police are systemically racist Because they're there to keep in place this white dominant society which we know is unjust in every respect Meanwhile you are obsessed with guns so you need to be disarmed And it all goes back to slavery You're going to what Oh yes indeed That's how much she knows about the Bill of Rights in the constitution All goes back to slavery Did you read the Second Amendment Nicole Hannah Jones does it say only white people and slave owners have a right to gun Is that what it says Cut 11 go We have more guns than almost any society in the world Who cares What does that have to do with anything What does that have to do with anything Why does it matter Are we supposed to compare ourselves to France

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