A highlight from Time Travel to 1994: A Journey into the Music and Movies of that year.


Well, here we are, episode 119. And on this episode, myself in the wrecking tube, Mark Smith and Lou Colicchio from the Music Relish Show. We'll be talking about the year 1994, in music and movies I think, it's always interesting. So sit back, relax, break out your flannel shirt, your grungy jeans, and enjoy 1994 music. It was an interesting year, so I think you'll enjoy it. More interesting than what Todd Zauchman thinks it is. He thinks it's nothing, so we'll see. The KLFB studio presents Milk Crate and Turntables, a music discussion podcast hosted by Scott McLean. Now, let's talk music, enjoy the show. Thank you, Amanda, for that wonderful introduction, as usual. Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends, and welcome to the podcast. You know the name, I'm not gonna say it. We're streaming live right now over Facebook, YouTube, Dlive, Twitch, and X, formerly known as Twitter, and I don't know how many other live platforms. Well, it's gonna be a good show tonight. It's gonna be an interesting show tonight. Yeah, 1994. As I said in the intro, my friend Todd Zauchman just absolutely sent me a text destroying the year 1994. Oh, I just looked up 1994, I don't know what you're gonna talk about, there's a few things and I don't know how you're gonna make a whole show out of it, and good luck with that, because that's how he talks. That's exactly how he talks. I'm just gonna do this, and you know, it's not gonna be a good, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's how he talks. Now, he'll deny that, and you'll never know if that's the way he talks or not. He'll just have to take my word for it. I'm Todd Zauchman, and I don't know about 1994. Well, enough about him. He'll probably be piping in pretty soon, but yeah, 1994, it's a good year. It was a good year for Mark Smith from the Music Rellers Show and Luke Colicchio from the Music Rellers Show. That's for damn sure. It was. What's up, gentlemen? It was a really good year. How you doing? I was just guessing. I figured for 94, listen, we were all younger, so it was better. It was a big year. Hey. So I have to stop right here. Dave Phillips, who's been watching the podcast from pretty much day one, Patty Yossi. Hi, Patty. Good evening. I love you. Dave Phillips, for the last couple of weeks, he's piped in at the end, and he's like, I missed it. Like something's changed. Ah, Tiffany Van Hill. That's my buddy. That's my buddy, Tiffany. She's one of the people that teaches me how to work with horses. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So. And she knows what she's talking about. She's modest, but she's very good at what she does. As are all of my friends and teachers, trainers, mentors from The Herd Foundation in Delray Beach, Florida. It's a nonprofit if you're in the mood to donate today. Look them up. Herd Foundation. Give us some money. Nah, I'm not going like that. No. No, we do. We help veterans. We help veterans, and so it's a good cause. But back to Tiffany. Yep. That's my buddy. Good evening. The Herd Foundation teaches us so much. That's right. That's right. Maybe I'll do a Herd Foundation podcast. You should. Since I'm pretty good at it. You're going to have horses on? What's the horse named after the cookie? Huh? Isn't there a horse named after a cookie? What are some of the horses' names? Oh, Fig Newton. Fig Newton. Yeah. Fig Newton. That's my boy. That's my boy. Good looking horse. Yes. Yes, he is. And we have Stitch. Fig Newton is a retired dressage horse, dancing horse, right? Echoes of Echo and the Bunny Men bring on the dancing horses. We have Stitch. He's a retired racehorse. We have Miss America. She's a retired jumper. Then we have two mini horses. We have Cinnamon. She was a cot horse. You know, pulls the kids around. As would be Sammy. Sammy's the one that looks like Kaja Gugu for you people from the 80s. Looks like Lamal. It looks like Lamal from Kaja Gugu. Gotta do. And he was saved from a kill pen. Yeah. But he's a mini, but he thinks he's a Clydesdale. What do they do with horses after that? Is that the proverbial glue factory? All right. You know what? Right away. Penalty box. Oh. He's raining on my parade. I'm in a good mood. Now I'm all bummed out. Thanks. You feel sad for the drummer now. This is going to be a horrible show now. Leave it to the drummer. Right, Mark? Leave it to the drummer. Get out. It's always the drummer's fault. That's right. See, Tiffany says, that does not exist past our gates, Lou. Because nobody wants to talk. Back to the penalty box. Great start to the show. Lou is just in a mood tonight. I think he's been hitting the whistle. What's going to happen? You're going to come back and it's going to be an empty chair. He's very ornery tonight. Right away. He's very ornery. All right. He's filling his oats, as they would say. Yeah. All right. Lou's back. I'm all right. I'm all right. Okay. Enough about horses, although I could now, at this point, talk about horses for two hours. I love it. I love it. But instead, gentlemen, first of all, how's things on the music relish show? You. Take it away, Lou. Sure. It's fine. It was such an awful show. I thought I said the wrong show for a second there. It's been nothing short of amazing. Don't jump over each other to answer that question. It's always fun. Last week was fun. We got knocked down a bit by Warner Brothers because we played a clip of an America song featuring Dan Peake. Yeah. You're going to watch that. Yeah. We talked through the whole thing, but Spotify is much cooler than YouTube. YouTube sucks like that. YouTube, they have a very strong algorithm. They can kiss my rosy red ass over that. That's right. You tell them, Lou. Fuckers. That's right. Get me kicked off YouTube. That's right. Let me see. John Morris, he was our shift commander. When I met him, I was, I think, a two striper, and he was what they called a butterbot. He was a second lieutenant, I believe. He said, tell them stories from the Nipah Hut in the Philippines. That's a big no. That's a whole other podcast, but they would never make it on the air. Just leave it at that. It's like a chain of Nipah Huts? No. It was a bar slash club called the Nipah Hut. Tell one story. No. They had a giant spaceship that would come down from the top. It's kind of like George Clinton in parliament. At the end of the show, this big spaceship came down from the top. Smoke. Like you said, parliament fucking pelican. Then the thing went open, and everyone would walk up and get up on stage, all those drunk GIs. Like, yeah, I'm going in the spaceship, and you go down these stairs, and you're in a fucking basement. I don't think it was a basement. It's like something from a fucking horror movie. How do you get out? And then somebody goes, this way, this way, go, go, go, go. That's the cleanest story I can tell you. It's the cleanest story I can tell you. Sounds like fun. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. I got a story for you off the air one of these days. So okay, music relish show's going good. Excellent. I just wanted to say, Lou brought up, he made the show. His segment on bad love songs. That will go down in history as some of the best podcasting ever. Bad love songs? Really bad love songs. The worst love songs of all time, like in rock. It's a deep vein. Is that something, is that like content I could probably like borrow with Perry Mind? Because I'd love to hear that list someday. We voted him off the board. We're no longer a false triumvirate democracy. Wait a minute. We toppled the AI monarchy. There's three of us on this one. Are you two going to overthrow me too? Are you like rebels? None of those stories you're told, no. They're wrecking too. Instead I'll start calling you the Sandinistas. The hostile takeovers. You go on podcasts just to take them over? Like Amiens took over the White House. Really, yeah. Yeah, we could do that. I would love to. Maybe next week we'll do, we'll take a break from the years and we'll do like a, kind of a jambalaya, you know, of stuff. Like throw some music news in there. We'll do some trivia. Maybe I'll come up with some questions for you guys. You could give us that deep vein of worst love songs ever. And it's funny, we noticed that several of them made everyone's list of worst love songs. So it's got to be universally bad. Okay. If everyone said that, that fucking song. Then there were a couple where I said I liked the song, but Lou and Perry were like, what? I'm always, you know, on the one side. Yeah, the one. When it falls into like that kind of metal, metal category, you have a soft spot. Air metal. Metal ballads. Oh my God. How I grew up. Yeah, yeah. As young as Ron Mark, you didn't have to deal with those 70s ones. Yeah, that's true. I did. This fucking guy. Blah. See what I mean? He's setting the bar high. Remember, this is how he talks. I don't think there's anything good about 1994. Blah. So he talks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yeah, well, an American Arnold Schwarzenegger. He talks like Arnold Schwarzenegger without the accent. We're going to pass the bar on this one. I am here. Let me see if you can entertain me. 1994. Blah. All right. So let's actually get right into 1994. Yeah. So we'll start on January 19th, 1994. Bryan Adams becomes the first major Western music star to perform in Vietnam since the end of the Vietnam War. Oh, shit. Bryan Adams. Bryan Adams, yeah. Wow. On January 21st to February, as it's spelled, the Big Day Out Festival takes place, again, expanding from those previous years. Blah, blah, blah. Auckland, New Zealand. The festival is headlined by Soundgarden, Ramones, and Bjork. Nice. That's an interesting... Probably each night there were headlines. I would love to see Bjork. Me too. I would never want to see the Ramones. They'll never get back together again. Unless they perform in the Pet Sematary. Yeah. Hey, Lou, can you put him in the green room? No, I'd like that one. That's a good one. Come on, there's a little crossover. Put him in the green room. Put him in the green room. Okay, yeah, yeah. Oh, it's going to be a long show. It's going to be a long one tonight. I feel better about myself now. Got a little redemption? The redemption song? Yes. I got a Buffett story for you. Oh, yeah? His one song was The Pirate Looks at 40. He would segue into Bob Marley's redemption song. Oh, jeez. And it didn't quite... Wait a minute. Buddy, that is the quickest way to get to the penalty box. I'm not playing it, though. I know you're not. You're poking the rhino right now. I'm a guitarist. You're poking the rhino right now. You're not a rhino, you're a nice guy. Come on, we went through that last week. And so, as I've been saying each week, I'm just going to say right now, where's Jack? Okay, and we'll move on from that. Hey, Jack. Hey, Jack, please come back. He didn't listen before, so I don't think he's listening now. Let's see. January 25th, Alice in Chains released their Jar of Flies album, which makes its U .S. chart debut at number one on the Billboard 200, becoming the first ever EP to do that. Right? But they still are always talked about as like number three or number four out of the big four. Big four being? Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden. And Alice in Chains. Alice in Chains is never getting that kind of... Whereas... That first album, the record company made them sound like another band. Yeah. And that's not their fault. They were produced that way. Dirt was a great album. Yes, yes. And Layne Staley was one of the greatest frontmen ever. Just as cool as the other side of the pillow, as they say. Yeah. voice Very unique also. Today we were talking about what we were going to talk about in the show. And he goes, when I saw the videos, he goes, I didn't match his face with the way he looked. Right? He said he was expecting like a grungy, more... No, he was slick. He was slick. In the Man in the Box video, he's got the kind of long... But then he changed it up. He slicked the hair back, he wore the shades, you know. Just turned into a... Suzanne McPhail. Another one of my horse people. She's the one that introduced me to that whole thing. And she said, who's Jack? That's right, I guess. At this point. On January 29th, The Supremes' Mary Wilson is injured when her Jeep hits a freeway median and flips over just outside of LA. Wilson's 14 -year -old son is killed in the accident. What a good day. Ah, this fucking... I saw this and I was like... Dead horses was a bummer. I know, I know. I saw this and I'm like, there's no way around this. February 1st, Green Day releases their breakthrough album, Dookie. Ushering in the mid -1990s punk revival. Dookie eventually achieves diamond certification. Now, I did like them back then. I actually did. I was stationed in Southern California in Riverside. And I decided to get like a side job. You know, I was in the Air Force. But I was like, I want to make a little more money. I want to do something. So I got a job at a record store. Cool. Was it Spencer's or something? Forget the name of it. Oh, Spencer's. They sold all the trinkets, too. No, no, it wasn't Spencer's then. It was something like that. It was a chain. Hot topic. They sold DVDs, too. FYE. No, it wasn't that. I'll remember it. I was working there when Dookie came out and the fucking whole wall was covered with Dookie CDs and they were flying off the shelves. It had a pretty fresh sound. It was fresh then. And coming off the 80s were kind of slick in a lot of ways, except for some of the real heavy alternative. But to hear a song like that on the radio, that was like hearing Smells Like Teen Spirit on mainstream rock radio. Good drummer, too. As a band, whether you like him or not, I think he's really good. Billy Joe Armstrong. Oh, Trey Cool. Trey Cool, yeah. February 7th, Blind Melons lead singer is Shannon Poon forced to leave the American Music Awards ceremony because he is loud and disruptive behavior. Poon is later charged with battery assault, resisting arrest, and destroying a police station telephone. Now, this is the dude that sang, you know, And I don't really care if I sleep all day And he's in the daisy field, so you think he's like this really, like, chill dude. And like, you know, me and the B -girl, man, you know. The B -girl, yes. And the tap -dancing B -girl, and like, I'm just this dude's a fucking lunatic. He was taking substances that made him. Oh, yeah. That was a short career. Was it him that did a duet with Guns N' Roses? What was the video, a song from Guns N' Roses with a video where they're up on like a water tower and they jump into the water or something. I forget what it was called. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they did it with him.

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