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Welcome to your Ethereum news roundup, here is your latest for Wednesday, September 27th, 2023. CCIP goes live on base mainnet, Pimlico releases a typescript library for ERC4337 operations, Michael Igorov fully repays his Aavev2 position, and Rated Labs raises 12 .8 million dollars. All this and more starts right now. The Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grants round is now live, if you'd like to support this podcast please consider contributing by visiting ethdaily .io forward slash gitcoin. Chainlink's Cross -Chain Interoperability Protocol or CCIP is now live on base mainnet, an OP stack chain by Coinbase. Developers can now build CCIP -powered cross -chain solutions on base, including arbitrary messaging, cross -chain transfers, cross -chain collateral, and cross -chain account abstraction. CCIP also provides simplified token transfers, a bridging solution that uses audited token pool contracts for burning and minting tokens. Several projects have already integrated Chainlink CCIP on base, including Raft, Noun, Folks Finance, and Polychain Monsters. CCIP was first launched to mainnet in July of this year. Pimlico, a provider of account abstraction infrastructure, released Permissionless .js, a typescript library that functions as an SDK for handling ERC4337 user operations, bundlers, and paymasters. Permissionless .js is built on VM, an alternative Ethereum typescript interface to Ether .js and Web3 .js. The library is designed to eliminate complexity by using small bundle sizes, optimized network calls, and improved type safety. Developers can integrate the library into their existing VM client using a single command. Pimlico already offers developers an ERC20 paymaster and ERC4337 bundler written in typescript. Curve Finance founder Michael Igorov has completely repaid his Curve collateralized position on ClickOnChain, Igorov deposited 68 million Curve tokens into Silo Finance as collateral and borrowed more than $10 million in Stablecoin, which he used to clear his outstanding AveV2 position. Over the summer, Igorov partially repaid various DeFi positions amid a decline in Curve's price. Due to the potential risk of bad debt on the protocol, Ave considered suspending Curve as a collateral type on AveV2. Igorov still holds over $40 million in debt that is collateralized by Curve tokens spread across Silo Finance, Fraxland, Inverse Finance, and Cream Finance. And lastly, Rated Labs raised a $12 .8 million Series A funding round led by archetype. Rated Labs is the project behind validator rating platform Rated Network. The project plans to use the fresh capital toward improving existing products, extending support to new proof -of -stake chains, and upholding transparency and data integrity. Rated Labs has also collaborated with the Liquid Collective to establish standards for monitoring performance and governing active validator sets. This has been a roundup of today's top news stories in Ethereum. You can support this podcast by subscribing and following us on Twitter at ethdaily. Also, subscribe to our newsletter at ethdaily .io.

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