Voicemail (MM #4570)

The Mason Minute


I may have reached that point where I'm finally over the hill, where I'm finally the old man. A recent op -ed in the Washington Post surveyed etiquette experts, and they say at this point in life, you should never leave a voicemail for anybody, even for a business contact. If you have their phone number, you text them first, you send them an email, you don't try to call them. The only people you should call are people who want to hear the sound of your voice. I love the concept, but I find it a hassle. For me, it's easier in 30 seconds to leave exactly what I need, what I want, and why I'm calling, and be done with it, and then they can call me back whenever they want to call me back. Text messages, you text something, you wait. If they answer, it's back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, and you lose 20 minutes. You've wasted more time text messaging than you have on the voicemail. And for me, big thumbs, big hands, I hate text messaging. I still like voicemail. But then again, I was always one who, when the phone rings, you answer it. Don't let it go to voicemail. I guess that doesn't matter anymore.

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