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All right, all right, all right, all right. Welcoming you guys to another lovely episode of On The Record Podcast. I am DJ Intense, your host the most. And to the left of me, I have I am Walt. What's up, Walt? I'm about to say another word, my guy. If you guys heard earlier, you know, we were just doing some things off cameras. They're off the record. Things we don't, we're not going to bring on the record. And if we are, you're not going to get it. Unless you paid for it to Patreon. You know? Yeah, me too. That voice you hear right now, but there's no other than Ceddi said, what's up Ceddi? The infamous C -E -D. What's up people? How you doing people? I'm doing all right, I'm doing all right, man. You know, we took some time off. It was Labor Day weekend. Yeah. And then the final weekend, which is work weekend. Dude, we were work, work, work, work, work. Nonstop. Dude, I just figured they don't. Almost 90 hours of work. OT, OT. Man. One day was 20 hours of work. That's the state job. I can't wait till you quit that job. You and I both, brother. I need to make some money, but working like a slave ain't it, man? Nah. Bob Brock just said it. You think that you can get by with this hard work alone? Nah, you're fooling yourself. You're fooling yourself. Used to do that, but now you're doing that. It's a lie. It's a lie. It's a myth. All people is you do hard work, and you'll become a successor, that's all. Listen, reality is in this country, in America, you have to do a lot of grime. You gotta do a lot of collaboration. Depending on how you wanna do it, but most of the time, all those people who are billionaires and trillionaires are the ones who did the most foul -ish humanly possible to get what they're at right now in life. Listen, right now we're at over 180 days in the writer's strike and the actor's strike right now. And it could have ended this right now. This thing should have been handled already. $50 million for both unions. And now they're gonna get a loss of over $300 to $500 million because of this strike. And you have people like Drew Barrymore's punk ass. Well, she reneged on it though. She had to, because dude, she was getting the business with the WGA and the SGA. And it's separate, you know. Even... Bill Maher's bitch ass too, man, was... I didn't get the damn thing off the running. Was, oh, I don't need no writers, I'll be our show. Look, dude, your show sucks. The Seddie Swear Counter is in full effect. There you go, you have one. You can do like a ding sound from now on for my swears. I'm gonna keep it calm. I'm gonna keep it professional. Seddie the Sailor Man. I can't swish, come on. Listen, man, I'm just telling you, when Seddie get that spinach boy, man, we poppin' ice today. Oh, yeah. Little bird watch out. Now, but on some real issues, like dude, Bill Maher, the guy who said, I'm not a field n -word, I'm a house n -word, and who crapped on Stan Lee after he died and stuff, and says a bunch of other ridiculously retarded things, says he's gonna do a show. Stan Lee who? Marvel comic Stan Lee. Oh, Stan Lee, oh. That's what Bill Maher said. Yo, he be going extra heavy trying to relate to us blacks. You're a not house n -word. You're at the table, bro. You got the good chair. You got the good piece of chicken. He used to be down by the dam, but nowadays, man, it's horrible. He's just, you know, he's trying. What the legend Paul Mooney said, everybody wants to be black, so it's time to be black? Listen, you think Paul Mooney is trying to be black and competent? Hell no. I want to be in a gated community area. What's wrong with you? Like he says, everybody wants to be black. He listen to King Koon, so he know what that's about. Yeah, but Bill Maher is doing his show still, which I think it was crap with writers. It's going to be crap about writers. And then, you know, you're going to have to hire writers who are not non -union writers. We're going to be scabs. We're going to pretty much destroy their any chance of them getting actual work when the strike is done. If you get caught. Well, if you are what you say you are, then have no fear. Even if you're on YouTube and you want to get a chance of being in the industry, you can't do no reviews. No, no movie reviews, no TV show reviews, nothing. There's a strike. You doing that? You will be known and accounted for when you want to get your membership. And trust me, you don't want those problems. But my thing is, if there was already YouTubers like successful already doing movie reviews and being credible and stuff like that, that won't affect them. Is it already locked in like a partnership or whatever with certain movies? Then they could do it. As long as they get the permission from their respective union. OK. If they do something brand new, if we're coming out with The Exorcist coming out next week, they can't do no review for that at all. Oh, wow. Wah wah. Listen, I can't go into it because I want to become in that union because I want to be a voice actor. You want to sell out. I get it. So I can't speak on it at all. No, no, no. He's not selling out. No, he wants to. He wants to. No, he doesn't want to sell out. You want the Disney money. No, I want to buy in. He wants to buy in. Oh, yes. You want to buy in, you got to sell out, right? No, the license is fucking me, bro. I'm just saying. The license, the thing to get a SAG card, it's over $3 ,000 to get a SAG card. And you have to get that SAG card in order to get some work and residuals and all that stuff. That's just what it is. Listen, man, listen, Harvey Weinstein's in prison, bro. He can't get to you, my guy. He can't get to you, my guy. Listen, man, don't take that hotel meeting, bro. Am I Rose McGowan? Shoot it. It's either a Zoom call. I'm actually Judd. It's either a Zoom call or a posh Beverly Hills restaurant or a Permell Studios, wherever that super creep was out here making his rounds. But you don't got to worry about that no more. Filthy behavior. One of the girls was saying like, yeah, when I said no more hanky panky, you know. He felt a way. Yeah, you want that rolling letter to there, don't you? My guy, how could he feel a way? You've been imposing your will on these ladies for a long time. Speaking of entertainment, you had a concert this weekend, right? Yeah, yeah. I was, you know, I was like. This guy was really outside. I was like, I was like, I was like. What concert was this? I was like. Let me tell you. Go ahead, say it. I was like from the acting sheriff up north, back to back out here, you know. Yes, so for all the first time, longtime listeners, and you know, last time listening to how evidence goes, I had a couple of shows. This past Thursday, I went to an event that was sponsored by Spotify for up and coming artists. I saw three, three very, very talented artists. The main artist I went to see goes by Kamari. He's an artist that I discovered around COVID. He has a lot of like influences. He reminds me of like a Frank Ocean. He's really that, you know, artist type dude. And he put out this great, incredible album called A Brief Nirvana, which I advise everybody to check out. His name is Kamari, K -H -A -M -A -R -I. Highly recommend him. And I also saw these two other artists from the UK, St. Harrison and Elmin. That's my boy. And overall, it was a great experience, very, you know. It was at SOB, Sound of Brazil in New York City. Very intimate setting, great turnout, great energy.

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